The Green Instruct Project

prefabrication for refurbishment from a modular perspective by way of a universal building block with customization potential

The Green INSTRUCT Mission

prefabricated modular wall panel
made from Construction and Demolition Waste (CDW) (over 70% of net weight)
incorporates Green Wall technology for the treatment of grey & storm water
improved acoustic and thermal performance
multiple functionalities
reduced weight

Green Wall
Geopolymer Layer
Reinforcing Fibers
Air Gap
Recycled Aluminum Frame
Polyurethane Insulating Foam
Magnesium Oxide Cement
Photocatalytic Layer
Reinforcing Fibers
External Panel
Aesthetics Biodiversity
Physical resistance
Greywater management
Acoustic insulation
System Design
Optimization of material flow and CDW harvesting
CFD for thermal performance and volume optimization
Optimized weight and volume
Easy to assemble, transport, install, maintain and recycle
Scalable material processing through extrusion
Over 80% waste fraction and over 60% CDW
Adaptable for differing environments
Internal panel
Thermal comfort
Seismic resistance
Indoor air quality
Fire protection
Textural quality
Acoustic Insulation

Project Objectives

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Useful Contacts

Green INSTRUCT Coordinator (Brunel University London)

Dr. Xiangming Zhou

Email: Xiangming.Zhou@brunel.ac.uk

Green INSTRUCT Technical Manager (National Technical University of Athens)

Dr. Glykeria Kakali

Email: Kakali@central.ntua.gr

Green INSTRUCT Dissemination & Exploitation Manager (CETRI)

Thomas Parissis

Email: tpa@cetri.net