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Technology Transferring

Measurements Data Base

In the frame of GREEN Instruct project, a variety of products (geopolymers, fibers, aggregates, additives) are developed, based on different CDW streams (bricks, concrete, glass, plastics, wood, aluminum). All raw materials and final products are characterized as far as composition, structure and properties are concerned. In order to handle all these data, during the GI project, a measurement database has been built. According to the database design, each sample will be sorted by measurement technique, while each technique will be sorted by partner. The Measurement Database is divided in two parts:

•  The INFO part


i) the Sample List (description of sample, the relevant task and the measured properties),

ii) the Technique List (the techniques that are applied by each partner) and

iii) the folder Measurement Conditions, reporting the instrumentation and the measurement conditions (one file per partner).

ALCN Techniques

ARTIA Techniques

CID Techniques

COLLANTI Techniques

LEITAT Techniques

NTUA Techniques

• The Measurement part

contains the raw measurement files sorted by material (first level) and by measurement (second level).

The data base will be periodically updated until the end of the project and is open access to other projects and researchers. The measurement results are also available upon request at kakali@central.ntua.gr