Brunel University London is a dynamic British institution with over 13,000 students and over 1,000 academic staff operating in a vibrant culture of research excellence. Brunel has a long history of successful bidding for European funding and of managing EU projects, and is currently coordinating 11 FP7 EU projects, 4 Horizon 2020 project and is also a partner on more than 50 other projects across a broad range of EU funding schemes, including FP7 and Horizon 2020.

Brunel presents a multi-disciplinary team, crossing two of its three research institutes i.e. Institute of Energy Futures and Institute of Materials and Manufacturing, to coordinate the GREEN INSTRUCT project supported by the Research Support and Development Office (RSDO).

Brunel team possesses a broad range of experience in the following areas: low carbon alternative cementitious materials such as Magnesium Oxychloride Cement (MOC) and geopolymer made from wastes; nanotechnology for enhancing engineering properties of cementitious materials; processing of cementitious materials i.e. extrusion of cementitious materials for manufacturing prefabricated building products; structural analysis and design including seismic design of buildings; building physics and building service engineering; heat transfer in buildings and CFD modelling; energy efficient technologies with focus on end use energy demand by buildings; sustainable environmental development of buildings with focus on materials and construction methods; microclimate and environmental design.

The research activities are underpinned by a large number of postgraduate courses and students some of whom will be involved and benefit from the research through relevant projects and PhD research projects.

Role in project: Brunel is the Coordinator in charge of project management and act as the single point of liaison between the consortium and the Commission. Brunel will also be in charge of CFD modelling of heat transfer in extruded façade panel with PCM-impregnated aggregates, CFD modelling of energy performance of the Green Instruct modular block, development of MOC for the inner panel and extrusion of both geopolymer panel and MOC panel.