IK4-CIDETEC, Research & Technology Centre belonging to the IK4 Research Alliance, specializes in generating and transferring knowledge and technology in the areas of Materials, Surfaces and Energy. It had an annual turnover of 10 M€ in 2014 and at the present time employs a highly qualified staff of 125 people, 50% of them PhDs. IK4-CIDETEC has participated in more than 40 EC-funded projects since 2008. In FP7 has been involved in 34 projects, being coordinator in 6 of them: five NMP (ORION, GREENLION, ECLIPSE, PneumoNP, MARS-EV) and one AAT (IN-LIGHT). In H2020 IK4-CIDETEC is participating in 6 projects, being coordinator of two of them (NANOPILOT and PEPTICAPS).

Role in Project: CIDETEC has technical facilities (distributed in the 10,000 m2 equipped laboratories) and highly-qualified technical and research personnel able to develop specialized services in R&D, technical assessment, technological diffusion and information sourcing. CIDETEC has been involved in various relevant projects in the last years, funded by regional, national and European public entities, as well as by a large number of industrial organizations. CIDETEC has previous experience in large collaborative EU projects related to both synthesis and modification of materials and their application and implementation to the industrial sectors.