Collanti Concorde is a chemical company specialized in the production of chemical agents, special glues and adhesives for the building sectors, using innovative polymers and materials. Collanti concorde developed his capacities and became a leader for the production of technical and specific solutions for bonding problems.

Today, the primary objective of Collanti Concorde is the production of environmentally friendly chemical agents and adhesives, targeting the protection of human health and the environment. “Linea Eco” is a range of products with high performance and low environmental impact. Compliance with different market requirements demands continuous research and development of the most suitable raw materials, together with strict product quality control. These factors, central to the company’s philosophy, have established Collanti Concorde as a highly reliable market player.

Collanti Concorde has over 30 years of experience in the development of specialty product for the construction industry and has a well-established research and quality department. The company has participated in previous collaborative research and has a wide network of contacts in the sector. Collanti is interested in further developing their bio-based line of agents and commercializing the project results for the manufacture of the intended new products as well as enlarging their product range.

Role in Project: The role in Green Instruct project will be the development of innovative adhesives and bonding systems for manufacture an innovative product based on CDW material.