EXERGY is a leading renewable energy and engineering company with the expertise in architecture, solar technologies, monitoring systems, heating and cooling systems, industrial process engineering and energy performance assessments.

EXERGY provides services, across the globe, construct and operate projects that contribute to developing a low carbon and sustainable future. Exergy has been in the built environment and renewable energy industry for over 10 years, playing a major role in the development of sustainable and energy efficient engineering systems. Operating across a range of innovative low-carbon energy technologies, Exergy’s capabilities cover everything from project planning to construction and from operation to re-use, while they stand by our clients as technical experts throughout the project life cycle. Exergy helps their clients manage the cost and implementation of their buildings services and construction projects, guide them throughout the project life cycle and achieve target sustainability ratings and benchmarks. Exergy collaborates with architects, facility and construction managers to deliver efficient systems, buildings and communities.

Exergy undertakes a variety of R&D activities and deliver research projects that guide strategy and stimulate the sustainable growth. Developing and implementing computerized modeling tools, collecting and analyzing quantitative and qualitative data, and consulting with prestigious research institutions and universities, Exergy possesses a great example of knowledge transfer and drive environmental and social sustainability at local and international levels. Development of a large scale solar farm in Nigeria, retrofitting of a prestigious university’s campus buildings whilst achieving the target sustainability measures, analysis and assessment of a sea water reverse osmosis plant located in Spain, installation and commissioning of a variety of technologies and monitoring systems are a few examples of Exergy’s technical and practical capabilities which have given them industry-leading skills and expertise.

Role in Project: EXERGY possesses a multi-disciplinary team supported by senior engineers with a wide experience in the following areas: resource efficiency and environmental engineering, water efficiency and management, construction and project management, indoor air quality monitoring and data storage, sustainability planning and assessments, process engineering and energy modelling, bio-based materials and biofuels.

EXERGY’s building system design/construction and R&D activities with an expertise in the field of built environment will add a significant value to the project. Collaborating with local city councils, Exergy have access to a variety to demonstration buildings and laboratories in which thermal and energy performance assessments can take place. As part of a recent FP7 project, called RESSEEPE, Exergy have installed and integrated a variety of technologies and heating systems at building and district levels within the given project timeline, while producing high quality research documents. It is strongly believed that EXERGY’s previous experience in coordination and management of demonstration activities will be vital for the project, helping consortium to successfully deliver the final technology on time and on budget.