Green Instruct: Month 37 Project Meeting Review

From October 22nd – 24th, members of the GREEN INSTRUCT consortium met in Naples, Italy for the month 37 project progress review.

Beginning on October 22nd, project partners evaluated the project review report, deliverable and financial updates, future work required between work packages and a list of actions for each partner for specific work package progression. As the final report submission lies 6 months from now (May 2020), it was therefore vital for the project coordinator to address all issues previously identified and verify that all actions have been accomplished.

Demo site visit and workshop

On October 23rd, after the project meeting, a demo site visit to Benevento was organise d together with the project RE4 (Reuse and Recycling of CDW materials and structures in energy efficient pREfabricated elements for building Refurbishment and construction). On site, panel features were checked, monitoring sensors were examined and differences with the demo site in Seville were discussed. Both projects were explained to all partners and the commonalities and differences between both were analysed.

On October 24th, both RE4 and Green Instruct projects were part of a workshop called “Sustainable Constructions: Solutions from Circular Economy” – part of the SAIE Bari Event. University of Brunel, NTUA, Cool Haven and Exergy all presented their contributions, comments and results from the Green Instruct panel.

Demo site panel

BIM in circular construction

Nina Turull, from Exergy, was part of a panel discussion on, “The benefits of BIM in a circular construction process”. Nina presented the innovative Stacker Mobile App and highlighted its innovative process in the Green Instruct panel. Digital tools such as Stacker will allow sustainable panels such as Green Instruct to enhance their efficiency, applicability and replicability along the construction process. Stacker is a digital tool that aims to improve management and communication during the installation of products in construction projects, to ultimately reduce reworks, time, associated costs and thus, waste. 

Nina Turull explaining the benefits of BIM in circular construction

The Mobile App has been tested through the Green Instruct panel, which allowed Exergy to identify and analyse the main potentialities and limitations. The use of digital manufacturing such as Stacker will allow Green Instruct members to improve resource planning, optimise operational efficiency and the interface with ‘upstream’ clients. We thank all Green Instruct partners for their attendance to an exciting update on Green Instruct project progress.

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