NR-GIA BUDOWNICTWO Sp. z o.o. deals with demolition and construction work as General Constructor or General Manager of the construction and demolition business in Poland, Germany and Spain. NR-GIA Construction Sp. Ltd. is a company that deals with renovations, demolition, specializes in recycling, designing energy- efficient residential and commercial buildings (including the latest technology solutions for wall, insulation, heating and ventilation) depended on customer needs.

NR-GIA Construction Sp. z oo with its registered office in Lublin, Poland operates throughout the country and offers its services to the largest industrial groups and business – eg. Ahold Poland Sp. z oo, Print Partner, gardening cooperatives Zvolen, MIREX Sp. z oo, Euro Pharmacy, Dominican Gallery, ECE, Plakanda, Santa Cruz, Poland, Walldecor, Malls Zamosc, Elblag, Szczecin.

Thanks to the continued application of innovative technologies for demolition and search for new solutions in the industry, is the undisputed leader in the field of specialized investment projects. NR-GIA is a professional company with extensive experience. Work safety is ensured at every stage of the work, with particular emphasis on the impact on the environment. Planning Section Environmental Technology in NR-GIA is based on the pillars of science and experiment, especially in relationship with urban space, architecture and environment. Analysis of processes and control technologies and materials used boosts the process of creating quality architecture and urban planning. NR-GIA study develops simulation systems implementation, and monitoring and evaluation of the urban environment and ecoefficient solutions for buildings of different typologies.

Role in Project: NRGIA will be leading Task 4.1 Identification of additional or alternative CDWs with high technical and economic potential; and Task 5.3 Recycling aluminum & extrusion of aluminum structural elements.