The National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) is the oldest and most prestigious educational institution of Greece in the field of technology, and has contributed unceasingly to the country’s scientific, technical and economic development.

The scientific staff in the Schools, together with post-graduate researchers, apart from their teaching and related educational activities, conduct research work assisted by post-graduate students and a considerable number of external collaborators; the amount and the high standards of this research are proved by the numerous publications in International Scientific Journals and Proceedings of International Conferences as well as by the prominent place of NTUA among all Europeans Universities, due to the increasing number of research projects financed by the EU and other Greek and foreign organizations of the public and the private sector. Especially, the School of Chemical Engineering has a long tradition in accomplishing international research projects in the field of innovative materials based on nanotechnology.

Role in Project: The National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) will be leading WP4: Recovery process design, implementation and monitoring, LCA and Task 6.1 Processing and production of precursors for geopolymer matrix; and Task 6.2 Development of fibre reinforced geopolymer matrix. Additionally NTUA will provide support regarding nano-materials, input regarding the structural, mechanical and thermal properties of geopolymers, processes and materials, raw materials for geopolymers. NTUA will assist at the integration of PCMs in geopolymers, the evaluation and verification of geopolymers, plus synthesis routes and the production of prototypes. NTUA will also provide input and work with the characterization of materials. Finally NTUA will contribute to the dissemination and communication activities of the project.