Consorzio STRESS (STRESS) legal form is that of a cooperative company, born with the aim of promoting research activities and experimental demonstration of innovative technologies for the construction sector. STRESS scarl – which is an association of Universities, Research Institutes, and private sector firms – operates through its own technical structure but also involving in its activities the staff of its associated companies and institutions.

STRESS scarl is legal entity established according to italian national law. It is a permanent structure that carries out research activities addressed to the construction sector, it a has a flexible organization with the ability to rapidly assemble an interdisciplinary team of experts to address a specific problem and has the skills to undertake complex, multidisciplinary, and integrated projects covering both technical aspects and project management issues. The partners of STRESS include the most important universities of Campania Region and private companies of the construction sector, engineering firms and other research organizations. Its mission is to operate in the Research & Development field, with particular attention to the construction sector, addressing in an integrated way the aspects of security, environmental impact and maintainability. Its action strategies are based on the definition and development of “Best Practices”, derived by the design and the realization of technology demonstrators, intended as applications of innovative technologies and methodologies studied and developed during the research activities.

Role in Project: STRESS will coordinate the consolidation of specifications work package (WP2). In addition, STRESS will participate in BIM activities (WP3), LCA activities (WP4), in Validation activities (WP8) and in dissemination and clustering activities (WP10).