The University of Aveiro (UAVR) is among the most dynamic and innovative universities in the country. UA has around 14000 students and a unique model of governance (16 Departments, 4 Polytechnic Schools and various training centres) and seeks to develop and maintain a supportive research environment, where researchers can count with a solid and experienced administrative, financial and legal structure.

UA has a strong research profile contributing to the progression of science and technology, and a privileged partner to companies and other national and international organizations with which cooperate in numerous projects, providing important consultancy and services. UAVR is also an actor as a regional network for education and training by promoting strong links with the surrounding community. During 2013, 501 projects were active in UA, of which 71 were financed by international and European Programs. In FP7, UA is/was involved in 52 projects. These projects are developed by 18 research centres of several scientific areas (environmental and marine sciences; materials; nanoscience and nanotechnologies; telecommunications; electronics; telematics; mechanical technology; automation; geosciences; cellular biology; organic chemistry of natural products; mathematics; education; behavior sciences; languages and cultures; technologies and communication sciences; governance, competitiveness and public policy; politics for higher education; music and design).

Role in Project: Development of patented building solutions and coordination of energy efficiency research projects. Dynamic building simulation. Numerical modelling of latent heat and phase change phenomenon. “Engineering view” of the working and optimized solution and the building scale.