Green INSTRUCT presented at the European Urban Green Infrastructure Conference, 29-30 November 2017, Budapest, Hungary

Green INSTRUCT was present at the European Urban Green Infrastructure Conference (EUGIC) 2017 which took place in Budapest, Hungary, between 29 and 30 November 2017.

All urban citizens should be able to benefit from nature – wherever they live and work. Nature and green infrastructure are increasingly being recognised as important in ensuring our cities are resilient, healthy and sustainable from economic, environmental and social perspectives. Whilst EUGIC participants acknowledge and celebrate the current European ecosystem services and green infrastructure strategy that was instigated in 2014, they wish to intensify the development and delivery of this strategy across the whole of Europe. It will require many actors across the professions to come together and evolve new ways of planning, implementing and maintaining the greener cities of the future. In doing so, cities will be created that are ecosystems that deliver the economic, social and environmental benefits that will be required in the 21st Century.

At EUGIC 2017 300+ participants and leading urban greening experts met in Budapest to celebrate nature-based solutions – planners, policy makers, ecologists, architects, landscape architects, engineers, developers and investors, constructors and facilities managers.

The Green INSTRUCT project was represented by alchemia nova, one of the project’s partners, who participated in the conferences poster session with the Green INSTRUCT poster and also held a pitch presentation.

The Green INSTRUCT project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 723825.

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